WMF Romania in Numbers 2015

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Moving from Achieving to Being

I sit with a boy at lunch as I try to ask in my very minimal understanding of the Romanian language how his day was, if he likes the soup, and how old he is. He looks up and smiles, responds to the questions, and we carry on a conversation …

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Submitting to a New Culture – by Shelbye Renfro

We walk into the Orthodox church and I am transported to a completely unknown world. The church itself almost looks familiar—the architecture of the building and the paintings on the walls and ceiling remind me of my art history classes—but feels altogether foreign. I stay towards the back, too afraid …

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Being Received By Community – by Harper Swords

I’m kneeling on the bathroom floor, my head hung over the toilet. It’s the first night in my new home with my host-family and I am miserably, embarrassingly sick. My host-mother (who doesn’t speak a word of English) knocks on the door and when I open it she takes my …

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Describing the work of Word Made Flesh Romania (pt. 2)

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